Tunisia: Zero New COVID-19 Cases Reported, Recoveries Up

Tunisia has reported no new cases for two consecutive days.

  • By webmaster | May 27, 2020,2:45 pm
Tunisia: Zero New COVID-19 Cases Reported, Recoveries Up

Tunisian authorities have announced their prescribed preventive measures have successfully reduced the impact of the coronavirus in the country. For the second day in a row, Tunisia’s infectious diseases experts were able to report no new cases, while treatment has resulted in 929 successful recoveries so far.

Tunisia’s strict lockdowns appear to have made an impact as currently only 74 Tunisians are still infected, and only two of those remain hospitalized.

While the remaining patients are under ongoing observation, the drop in COVID-19 cases provides some confirmation of a successful containment strategy.

Second wave

On May 11, Arabia Policy reported that WHO representative Yves Souteyrand estimated evidence of a possible second wave could materialize from May 20 onward.

The current reduction in new cases and active patients could garner some confidence as the state gradually reopens its economy.

Although the COVID-19 crisis presented dire economic woes for Tunisia’s poor that has led to an increase in illegal logging, the medical news should soon translate to renewed economic opportunities for the country’s most vulnerable populations.

Although Tunisia’s budget will feel the pain from increased spending on health care amid a global halt in tourism, the country’s international cooperation and widespread amnesties for prisoners appear to have limited the impact of the pandemic.

Lockdowns and testing

Individual Tunisians and businesses significantly contributed to the country’s current success, through adherence to national initiatives and a general collaborative attitude.

By applying drastic lockdown strategies and learning from Chinese lessons in epidemic management, Tunisia appears to have outperformed many richer countries.

Following through with a focus on testing should provide the final step in ensuring the virus does not reemerge in the North African state. “We cannot stop this COVID-19 pandemic if we do not know who is infected. So I have a simple message for all countries – Test, Test, Test,” WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has recommended as countries around the world gradually reopen their economies.

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