Billion Dollar Budgets Aim to Combat COVID-19

Countries around the world are allocating billions of dollars to respond to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

  • By webmaster | March 16, 2020,2:51 pm

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) global epidemic continues to spread throughout the world, reaching more than 171,112 cases and 6,526 deaths, globally. 

The majority of cases are concentrated in China, Italy, and Iran, followed by South Korea, Spain, Germany, France, and the US. 

Governments around the world have established budgets worth billions of dollars in addition to aid packages from international bodies to respond to outbreaks and keep national economies above water as COVID-19 delivers devastating blows to tourism and trade. 

The West

US: $8.3 billion

Italy: $28 billion 

UK: $37 billion 

France: $4 billion 

Spain: $4.2 billion

Germany: $11.2 billion


The Middle East 


Iran: Requested $5 billion from the IMF


Qatar: $25 billion

Kuwait: $33 million

UAE: $27 billion

Saudi Arabia: $13 billion

Bahrain: N/A

Oman: N/A

Lebanon: N/A

North Africa

Egypt: $6.38 billion

Morocco: $1.4 billion

Algeria: $31 million

Tunisia: N/A

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