About Us

About Us

 Arabia Policy is an independent online English-language publication based in Chicago, Illinois. Our team consists of young creatives, writers and thinkers from the MENA-region and around the world, aiming to tell important stories from a uniquely local perspective. We cover the Arab world, its politics and economics, and the aspirations of its growing young population. Arabia Policy presents news and analysis on the complex realities of the MENA region.

Our Vision 

We aim to provide you with the hottest and latest stories from around the MENA region. With a vision to represent the dynamic cultures and societies in the Arab world, we challenge stereotypes and fallacious narratives, and reveal the truth objectively.

Our Mission 

We aim to provide:

>  comprehensive news coverage of the Middle East and North Africa

>  in-depth, global coverage and analysis of Arab-related issues

>  a go-to reference tool for researchers, decision-makers and journalists

>  a challenge to biased and misinformed perceptions about societies in the MENA-region

first-hand and up-to-date views on the complexities of the Arab world.


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